Start Your Own Experience Today

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Start Your Own Experience Today

Martin Dasko
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Are you tired of following unrealistic business ideas? Do you want to bring in some extra money in your spare time without all of the hassle?

I turned coffee into cash with Airbnb Experiences and I'm going to show you how you can tap into this market to make real money with a side hustle so that you don't have to chase "passive income" fantasies.

If you've ever wanted to make money on your own then this is the guide for you.

The issue with most income sources is that they require a huge financial investment, all of your spare time, and an entire staff of virtual assistants to get anything done. Chances are that you've wanted to find a way to make money with your passions. You've tried everything and now you're fed up. I hear you. I've been there. It's easy to get frustrated when you try everything to make some extra money or to start your own business.

This is why I swear by hosting an experience. You can turn anything into cash. The best part? Airbnb does all of the work for you. They promote your experience, they collect the money, and they deal with the customer service end. You just show up and offer your experience.

Now you're probably thinking that this is too good to be true. It's not. The world needs more activities and things to do. We're all looking for something to do. Tourists and locals will always want to have something to look forward to.

What are examples of experiences that you can host? In this book we highlight folks who are making money with pizza tours and walking tours. Bob eats pizza with guests in New York City. Jonathan walks around Las Vegas with tourists for money. These are regular people who are making money with this platform from doing things that they enjoy (who doesn't enjoy eating pizza?).

You can turn any skill or passion into profits by hosting your own experience.

Imagine this: no more stressing about email funnels, marketing teams, and networking events. You can start your own business and make money from your phone without dealing with the usual nonsense that goes with an online business.

What's offered in this guide?

The exact blueprint for how you can start your own experience.

How you can turn this experience into a real business.

Tips on offering a 5 star experience so that you have raving fans from around the world.

The ultimate list of ideas. There's no idea too silly. There's no idea too boring.

I promise you that you're going to leave this guide with an idea for an experience that you can offer. You can get paid to eat pizza, drink coffee, or to show tourists around town.

Imagine being able to make extra money every weekend or whenever you feel like it? You don't have to worry about chasing unrealistic income streams any longer. You can finally get paid. No working for exposure. No putting in volunteer hours for years waiting to get paid.

I want this!
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