So You Want to Drive For Uber?

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Have you been thinking about driving for Uber? Are you looking to make extra money? Are you struggling with getting the most out of your free time? Are you fed up with your current job or boss?

You're in luck. My life is a series of experiments. One of my recent experiments involved working as an Uber driver. I did everything on my own so that I could write about it and help others become money-making drivers.

I show you how you can get on the road and start driving for Uber by the end of the week even if you don't know anything about Uber right now. You can also eventually quit your job if you want to drive full-time instead of showing up to your crappy job.

I don't want you to stumble in the dark like I did.

Let's look at your current situation.

You're behind on bills. You're in debt. You have a car that's costing you serious money. You have plenty of time that you're already wasting. You're sick of your current job. The commute in the morning sucks. You're fed up and ready for something to finally change.

You know that it makes sense for you to drive for Uber. You just don't know how to make this happen. You know that you want to work for yourself. You just don't know where to start.

You have lots of spare time, but you have no money. You know that you can make money. You enjoy driving and you know that other people out there are making money with Uber and ridesharing services.

Chances are that you keep on hearing about how your friends are taking Uber. You might even be a big fan of the service yourself.

I don't want you to miss out on making some extra cash. Every evening or weekend that you don't spend driving results in lost opportunity to make some money.

You're sick and tired of being broke. You know that you desperately crave some extra cash. You know there's technology out there that could help you make that extra money that you need for those debt payments.

You want to start driving for Uber but you just don't know where to start. You're experiencing information overload.

You sit around waiting for something to happen. I know because I was in this situation.

I wanted to start working for Uber in February when I first heard about this service. I didn't finally do something until May because I was intimidated by the process.

I want you to have a better life than me. I try everything first. Then I write about it.

I kept this manual simple and to the point. I don't waste any time in here.

You get a guide. You also get access to me with your most important question. This manual will guide you on your journey. The following topics are covered in here:

Your Introduction to Uber and Ridesharing.

How Do I Get Started?

What If I Don’t Meet The Requirements?

What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Ridesharing.

I Want to be The Boss!

What Are The Benefits of Driving For Uber?

What Are The Setbacks of Driving For Uber?

Getting Ready For Your First Ride.

Dealing With Problem Clients.

How Do You Become The Best Uber Driver?

What Are The Best Strategies For Making Money?

Personal Stories From The Trenches.

What Are Some of The Numbers Behind Uber?

The Final Word on Uber.

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the road of loitering, and continue working a job you hate while you can't keep up with the bills. But if you want to quit your job or start making some extra money to create flexibility, if you want to change the direction of your life, you’re going to have to try something else for once.

Uber is a new way of making money. You may love it. You may hate it. You owe it to yourself to try it.

This is the ultimate primer for all new drivers and those that aren't sure if they should sign up yet. This blueprint will help you start driving, figure out how to make the most money possible as a driver, and help you add some more money to your bank account.

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So You Want to Drive For Uber?

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I want this!